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About Gearlinx

Companies rely on the cloud more and more every day. Fleeting are the days of a traditional closed in network. With the emergence of online cloud tools such as CRMs, inventory planning, accounting, team collaboration there is a real shift to businesses being more concerned that they are connected from any location from any device, than by controlling it through CAPEX heavy internal servers and homegrown applications that need a small army of IT administrators to stay on top of security, scalability and stability issues. 

GearLinx can provide assistance to customers who require software defined network services that span multiple enterprise sites. Gearlinx has full API driven cloud tools that can be used to enhance an existing or Gearlinx ODM developed product.

Integrating the Gearlinx network management cloud platform can give customers the edge they need over other offerings and position them to capitalise on a SAS model immediately.

Gearlinx is a privately held Australian company headquartered in Brisbane. Our speciality is embedded Linux networking and security and connecting devices together in a seamless fashion so they can be controlled, configured and monitored remotely. Gearlinx works closely with OEMs, Carriers and MVNOs to deliver the next generation connectivity experience that allows our customers to deploy reliable, smart, decentralized networking solutions. The key to Gearlinx success is its ability to enable our direct customers to focus on their core offering while Gearlinx takes the complexity away for delivering complementary intelligent connectivity device to the edge.  

Gearlinx has a Customer first culture and a Reputation of customer confidence. We pride ourselves on being Ridiculously easy to do business with, order from, get deployed. We Focus on quality over quantity and Deliver real security (not the “illusion” of security). We are Reliable, available and responsive