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ODM Solutions

Gearlinx' custom Original Design Manfuacturing (ODM) solutions are used today by major Tier 1 telecommunications service providers right down to early startups. Gearlinx employs world class Linux developers and highly experienced Service and Electronic Product designers with significant enterprise and remote management software skills.

Gearlinx takes away the risks and the headaches of new product development. We truly partner with your organization, and we deliver solutions that integrate both technically and logistically with your business requirements.

Gearlinx offers a fully integrated product solution to our ODM partners:

  • We do board bring-ups and develop embedded firmware
  • We offer software and cloud management and integration options
  • We develop innovative new hardware
  • We build prototypes
  • We get products certified:
    • EMC/safety
    • Global homologation
    • Carrier or telecommunications certifications
  • We manufacture the products and manage supply chain
  • We custom configure and fulfill in large scale unit volumes

Gearlinx, while providing customized or custom designed solutions, is not a contract design house. The services offered to our ODM partners include custom hardware and software design, and can extend to product certification, factory test development, turnkey manufacturing and fulfillment.

All ODM offerings are built from the Gearlinx core components, which are then extended to meet any custom software, cloud and/or hardware requirements. This core technology leverages opensource technologies, enabling our ODM partners to cost effectively build new solutions with strong security and flexible management options.