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Open Source Experts

Gearlinux Overview

Gearlinx software provides customers with:

  1. Application Performance
    • optimize business services 
  2. Security 
    • Routine updates
    • Latest and most security patches
    • Delivered and optimized via the cloud
    • FWaaS
  3. Cloud Connectivity 
    • Multiple, parallel WAN connectivity options with instant failover
    • Wan, LTE, 5G, Wifi6
  4. Visibility (monitor, alerts) 
  5. Agility
    • Rapidly scale new locations/sites
    • Add, delete services
  6. Flexibility

Gearlinx uses Open Source Software (OSS) whenever possible and integrates it seamlessly with a complete system. Gearlinx is a respected open source citizen, with some employees contributing back to the community for over 25 years. Gearlinx' active involvement in the community ensures that licensing and compliance is managed and in keeping with all requirements. Customers can be confident that the solution is sound, and legal, taking the stress out of working with open source.

Gearlinx reviews any updates all key packges and monitors security issues to ensure the Gearlinx platform is secure and up to date. Customers are backed up by our knowledge and prompt responses to all publically announced security vulnerabilties. Software licensing and versions are catalogued and stored with every software build.

Gearlinx employs regular rolling release updates for its supported platforms ensuring bug fixes, security updates and new features are available, often before a customer request is received. This commitment ensures that the Gearlinx platform is always relevant and moving with the industry trends, keeping customers relevant and well supported.

Gearlinux Firmware

The basic operation of Gearlinx firmware is to provide a resource friendly yet powerful operating system and set of tools that can drive all elements of the physical device.  Gearlinx’ software implementation is based on Linux and is its own unique and powerful distribution called “Gearlinux”. 

Gearlinx projects typically combine the following 3 core software IP components for its source code: 

  • Customer proprietary code that usually remain Customer Intellectual Property. 
  • Opensource components (such as the Linux Kernel/ GPLv2) that remain open source 
  • Gearlinx standard proprietary components (such as certain applications, hardware configuration and configuration schema and management) 

Most Gearlinux configuration is handled via our optional cloud offering. Alternatively, a local configuration can be handled with a structured HTTPS interface using “web” technologies. Alternatively, we could propose an SSH command line interface. Using HTTP does allow for a cleaner firmware upgrade option for average casual users.  

Cloud Management and Reporting Solution 

Gearlinx core competency revolves around its native “always connected” cloud solution. Devices typically all “call home” where our cloud offering provides for a central location that provides:

  • Single location to buy, provision, ship, track all your device assets 
  • Attach/detach warranty 
  • Get support 
  • Push new configurations or settings to single or groups of devices 
  • Upgrade firmware and stay ahead of security challenges 
  • Reporting and device metrics (uplink, status, addresses, data usage, etc.)